Queen Elizabeth the 1st: *wants to make a peaceful truce with the Spanish*

2021.12.08 14:57 HopefulLab6749 Queen Elizabeth the 1st: *wants to make a peaceful truce with the Spanish*

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2021.12.08 14:57 valentin-yng ELECTRO SET

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2021.12.08 14:57 Zsabo3 Trivia Reveal - Monday 6th December 2021

Salutations bois and gals, the answer was of course Elle Fanning
I present to you the answers:

Clue 1: " Wife of former editor is also into printed media"
France-Soir if the name of a French Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia and also of an old french newspaper. The clue pointed toward an old editors wife so this is Pierre Lazareff's wife, Hélène Gordon-Lazareff
She founded ELLE magazine
Clue 2: "I mean... She is"
Elle Fanning plays princess Aurora in the maleficent movies

Thank you all for playing, I hope you took a liking of big ass pyctos cause they're not stopping soon ;)
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2021.12.08 14:57 iSamurai Photos: Brandon McManus' Project McManus foundation hosts holiday shopping spree for children

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2021.12.08 14:57 caligalus 100% fact.

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2021.12.08 14:57 CJ_the_rancher Georgia Sheriff Deputy Fired, Jailed for Selling Pot Edibles Online

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2021.12.08 14:57 Slipperycinderella I used this code & got 50$ free

20$ when you open & i got 50$ in my email the next day my profolio is 75 and i only entered 5$
Plus ($POSH) gets you a free stock today
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2021.12.08 14:57 StandCalm nii

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2021.12.08 14:57 IMGONNASAYTHENWOOORD Online school?

TDLR at end!
Hi, not sure if this is the right place but I couldn’t find any online school subreddits. (I haven’t really searched for any specific online schools yet.) Today, I realized I’ve finally had enough of school. I’m 16F in Sophomore year after having a mostly virtual year because of COVID in Freshman year. I LOVED online school. So so so much. I really wished it would still be online this year, but sadly we have gone back in person. I enjoyed being able to not have to leave the house and the morning and most importantly: not be around people. My mom told me socialization is important and I DO believe that to some degree, but to be honest I just don’t think traditional school is for me.
I’m not bullied or anything, I just have social anxiety and anxiety in general so I’m typically ignored. I hate all of the people there SO much. They’re all either rude or ignorant; or both. I do really well in school, straight A’s most of my life except for when I did honors courses of math (but I’ve moved back now to a CP course.) I’m pretty determined and teachers like me as I try hard. I’m fine for school with education… the people not so much.
I’ve struggled with people since elementary school. Today I finally realized… we live on a rock floating in space… why am I torturing myself like this? My dad asked if I had ever considered online school, to be honest it’s been a dream of mine for YEARS. I can’t even fathom it as I want it so much.
Last year, I tried to interact with my teachers as much as possible and participate. I really enjoyed still having the same school experience, but online. So now… would online school be the right choice for me?
My biggest fear is the fact my brother left this same school when he was in sophomore year. He didn’t do online school though and rather was homeschooled which he ignored… he took his GED a few times when he was of age and failed by a few points 3 times which was really annoying. Sadly, he has passed away since but I always wonder what would have happened if he stayed in school. Not to say he died because he dropped out of school of course, just that I wonder if he kept that line of responsibility from school if it would have turned out different. Like I said, I know online school is a lot different from regular school.
So, sorry for making you read all this but if you’ve done online school or teach it, would you recommend me to try it? I want to get my diploma and finish with honors but I don’t know how much more I can take of these students. I get socialization now after years… people suck and you’ve got to deal with it. Maybe you’ll make a couple friends.
TDLR: Hate people, pretty good at school/am responsible. Is online school for me?
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2021.12.08 14:57 Deep_Raspberry_472 [H]NEW Lynda.com Account, Full Access to All Courses-- 5$ [W] BTC/Paypa

Lynda Account With All Premium Privileges + 1 Year Warranty
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You can use your own name, email to get notifications from lynda. You will have a special login info, using an organization portal, a card number of 7 digits and a pin number of 4 digits. There is no time limit on the subscription page on this lynda account.
This account is safely full legal this is not a fraud account, or hack account, its a big no no.
You will get all the Premium Plan Privileges, ex: access to all of the course online and you can also view it offline using Lynda Apps or Desktop! Download them, and Many more.
After you finish the course online you will get the certificate with your own name on it.
Payment Method - BTC or Paypal Gift/Friends only.
Delivery time:1H-12H
Price - $4.99 each
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2021.12.08 14:57 kolsonk F1 Power Rankings for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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2021.12.08 14:57 CrazyDiamondFL Together, an unstoppable FORCE!

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2021.12.08 14:57 korinnek Boxy Charm Foxy Bae curling iron

Hi Guys! Does anyone know the name of the foxy bae curling iron that was given by boxy charm recently? My friend got it in a box OR she bought it from boxy charm. I want to purchase one for myself but she doesn't know the exact name. Any insight is appreciated!
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2021.12.08 14:57 ZeusMoose58 The scotch was highly rated because it helped him forget his problems

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2021.12.08 14:57 BoraBozdogan how to use ds maps?

so basically i am making a high score system and i dont want players changing it so easy. i figured out what ds maps are but the problem i am having is how can i create a base file in a folder that a ds map can save?
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2021.12.08 14:57 pudgyfuck I've got an extra ticket for tonight's AEW Dynamite/Rampage @ UBS Arena for sale!

Due to an emergency, my buddy can no longer attend the Long Island AEW show with me tonight. Thus, I've got an extra ticket! Details are as follows:
Section 211, Row 1, Seat 13
Asking $110 OBO
I've got it on my Ticketmaster app for easy transfer, lemme know if you're interested! Because it IS Wednesday, and you know what that means...
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2021.12.08 14:57 welfrkid Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that played nanosaur.

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2021.12.08 14:57 Lincomic Want to join a small community filled with amazing people? Join !tapdisco where you can talk about anime, send funny memes and make new friends!

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2021.12.08 14:57 Redmax666 minig day

i mined 64x2x64 blocks and that is my loot scheme
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2021.12.08 14:57 codingprolab CS2401 Project 2: Your Facebook Friends

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2021.12.08 14:57 squidlover66 My phone was stolen

Hello everyone I would like to make an announcement. On the 30th of November my phone was taken from my work and was last pinged in Gage Park across from Nightingale Elementary School if anyone finds it in a electronic repair store or a pawn shop I have a $30 reward for its safe return.
It was a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Aura Glow. It had a Jerryrigseverything Teardown dbrand skin on it with a thin silicone clear case it had a 256gb micro sd card in it. The IMEI number is 359271101269961.
If you need additional info please DM me
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2021.12.08 14:57 Academic-Post9114 Zekrom on me! Add 0077 3934 4392!

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2021.12.08 14:57 EDMLiveset Marc Romboy - Music From Space 120

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2021.12.08 14:57 Spiral191 First lul

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2021.12.08 14:57 _CRUISER_ IM DED RN 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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