My recent journey to the Underworld

2022.01.26 01:44 Mugzy74 My recent journey to the Underworld

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2022.01.26 01:44 teeppers2000 HELP

I just got my sim kit. I purchased the 50 gold plan with the sim. I put the SIM card in and it lets me text and make calls over Wi-Fi. But when I’m off of Wi-Fi my data does not work and cannot call or make texts. Says cellular data network could not be found
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2022.01.26 01:44 CulturalCatfish Just got my first 3d printer, the Anycubic Mega SE, and am having some issues. More info in my comment.

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2022.01.26 01:44 Responsible-Hair-747 Free the Karma 😸😽

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2022.01.26 01:44 commodoretimo The Swamp: Man-Made or Natural Spring

So lemme get this straight: the swamp is theorized to be man-made…but then…they need to let it fill because it’s fed by a fresh water spring. That’s a bit like the wrapper on hot dogs saying “all natural”.
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2022.01.26 01:44 Bhamjo219 Just lost my 1000 win rogue portrait

Hey gang, ever since the new patch came out I was scrolling through my collection and realised my cap n Valera portrait is no longer avail e to me. No idea why ? Any one else having a similar problem? Just sucks cus it’s my only one and worked hard to get it just for it to disappear for now good reason
thanks all
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2022.01.26 01:44 Professional_Toe2326 Check this video of me and my friends exploring abandoned houses, and haunted videos coming soon!

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2022.01.26 01:44 Prestigious_Beyond16 Venting a lot about dad relationship problems brake up and smoking and drinking to forget

I’m a 15y old male and this is just a vent post and my first post ever. I have a shit drug abuse father and for months now it’s all just hitting me that growing up I never had a real father only a person I would call da because that’s all I knew. I’ve no good memories growing up of him only fighting between him and my ma because of him not having a job and staying home ever day doing drugs this went on for 13 years till my ma finally kicked him out for good and I didn’t feel a thing when he left not a bit of sadness or anything just he wasn’t there and I didn’t care but looking back growing up it makes me so upset to the point of brake downs knowing that the only memories of my father are him locking the living room door or leaving it unlocked to see him so high on whatever drug he was on that day to the point he couldn’t even speak i despise him for never caring or trying to even get a job and help my mam with money all he did was leech and beg for drug money that’s the only memories I have and I hate him for it but I’m also so upset that I never got to have a relationship of any kind with him and it hurts so much knowing I’ll never experience a father son relationship of any kind with him because it’s too late for it and my hate towards him is so much but there’s a part of my that gets me to brake down knowing I’ll never have a relationship with him.
That was one of the things that’s made me upset for months and I’m afraid I’ll end up like him in the drug aspect abusing them to feel good becoming like my dad is my biggest fear and I sort of am becoming him I just got out of a relationship of 5 months with a girl I fucking loved I loved and to be honest I still do we broke up on December 22 and since then shes been all I can think about loosing everything we had in a single day never doing the dumb relationship things we talked about it’s sort of destroyed me even during the relationship I was constantly upset with no reason but never when I was with her just being left alone I’d fall apart and break down into a sort of fit? I’d cry and sob and hit myself over everything my dad family issues and me feeling like a shit son I’ve no reason to why I feel like a shit son other than I was a mistake and wasn’t meant to happen I know this from waking up to shouting between my mam and dad and hearing my mam say she wasn’t ready for another kid (I have an older brother with a different dad) But I’d fall apart basically I’d sometimes try to self harm by cutting myself with a kitchen knife but I never could get it to cut or even get to bleed just guess I’m too pussy to all the way. But when the relationship ended with me and my girlfriend I got to the point she’s all I could and still do think about that I became just like my father and drank and smoked weed to forget for a while but after my shit highs I’d brake down because I’m exactly like my dad I’m doing what I hate him for doing and I just lay awake most nights realising I’m exactly like him and that I’ve lost the love of my life and that i haven’t been properly happy in months idk how manny but I haven’t been happy in months I don’t know if anyone is going to read this but just venting like this when I’ve no one to talk to feels better then bottling up every thing and if some one dose read all this poorly put together post thanks for reading all of this shit <3
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2022.01.26 01:44 HatGodAG No offense please

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2022.01.26 01:44 stockinvest-us BCE: Signal Alert - PivotPoint bottom identified

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2022.01.26 01:44 __onyourleft I can feel the edges of my contacts poke me every time I blink. I was told they’re fitted correctly and this is normal?

F25 dry eye & astigmatism (contacts are weighted)
I got contacts today meant to only be worn 4-6 hours a day when needed. No issues taking them in and out.
Trouble is, the edge is insanely irritating. I can feel it every time I blink and it doesn’t go away. Someone might as well have put a thread in my eye and left it there.
I was told I’d get used to it wearing them for longer periods of time throughout the week, but that’s not how my ophthalmologist intended it, and even after 2 hours I can still feel the edges. The feeling of them sitting on my eye doesn’t bother me at all.
I made all of this clear to the girl who helped me and she said the fit was good and you get used to it. They’re not inside out.
Will I truly get used to them wearing them randomly 4-6 hours at a time or is something wrong here?
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2022.01.26 01:44 JON-JON-METAL Chinese New Year closures

Just a reminder to all that the Chinese New Year calibrations are upon us and the Chinese printer companies customer services and shipping will be closed for a period.
Elegoo has announced Jan. 29th to Feb. 6th
Other companies will probably be closed for a similar period.
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2022.01.26 01:44 Desocrate The 100 Most Loved Destinations Around the World for 2021, according to Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI): #19 - Knysna #23 - Stellenbosch #41 - Hermanus #54 - Cape Town

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2022.01.26 01:44 CarNo6534 Dac recomendations

Hello guys, I'm looking for a nice sub $100 dac. I was looking at the loconaq a1 but is no longer available, any one has tried the e1 with ess chip?
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2022.01.26 01:44 Satman_of_Valyria Norwich win the Premier League after spending over £790 million in 4 seasons

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2022.01.26 01:44 3xM_DRACONIC How do you think the main jojo villains would react to chocolate-chip cookies?

How do you think the main jojo villains would react to chocolate-chip cookies? And not like chips Ahoy cookies I'am talking crisp on the edges, gooey and soft in the middle, buttery and still warm, out of the oven chocolate-chip cookies
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2022.01.26 01:44 Designer_Koala_1087 Cobra Kai

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2022.01.26 01:44 Comfortable_Fox1095 Some dude who sits in the office by my PD came by and complained about my load quality (I did this all at about 385 pph). Am I high on mushrooms or is that suit expecting too much?

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2022.01.26 01:44 markuszbrenntt "soft" sonic.exe

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2022.01.26 01:44 HOMEBONERismyname Articles on organized religion supporting/opposing it?

I have to write a persuasive essay for school. I am doing mine on ‘why organized religion is not good’ basically.
I need articles relating to the topic they can be supporting my opinion or be against it. The only requirement is that they be from 2012 or more recent.
Anything you know of would be appreciated!
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2022.01.26 01:44 Lagmaster4life ok ok hear me out

politics vs gaming the book the movie
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2022.01.26 01:44 Ruscell0 Avia, Jeep_42's character :D

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2022.01.26 01:44 twg-bot Tallahassee Community College baseball gives back during Celebrate Literacy Week

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2022.01.26 01:44 Snoo_28569 The Journey Ends

Part 2
We both lived the lie that we can’t work on ourselves the way we wanted to, while together. When in reality we were both, very literally, begging the other one to do so.
Idk why. Maybe fear that we didn’t deserve to, or that the other wouldn’t accept it or that maybe we didn’t deserve to grow or idk.
For me, I know how worried and nervous I’d get when you would start wearing new clothes or going to the gym more often or trying new makeup. It always made me feel like you were getting bored, or sick of me or had finally gave up on waiting for me to get unstuck on growing up and were just preparing yourself to leave.
And for me, I just wasn’t doing anything to improve for a long time. It was, and still is completely ruining me. I’m constantly feeling unworthy, unaccomplished, lost and it’s piled up for so long that I more or less gave up hope. I see now, a little, how much that shows and affects those around me. They’re all giving up on me too, because why bother with someone who won’t even fight for themselves. Those first 6 months in the new job, I tried so so hard to flip that over. Too hard. To the point where I completely and entirely isolated myself from you, from us and from the world around me. I kept telling you my rationale, naively thinking that you took my words as I presented them and would see me in the light you used to see me in… someone who’s going to do something big, something good, like you said to me a long time ago.
The whole time feeling like I was going to be your Superman again, showing you that all of this bullshit we went through was finally blooming…. When in reality, I was destroying every inch of progress we made piece by piece, blaming everything and anything but myself.
I understand the lessons in all of this. I understand that more are coming, sooner than I think. I know nearly everything I need to do to build myself back, to be better and to maybe MAYBE one day just be happy to be here. But in honesty, I also see that these are lessons I’ve learned before and failed to integrate long term.
These last 3 almost 4 years with you, were the first time I can remember since I was a kid that I didn’t truly believe that at my core I was a terrible person. I know you know what I mean, I’m talking about the way I existed when we first met. The way I was where I completely believed that I had no say In being awful, ruining shit, and that I had just gotten dealt a fucked up hand from a bad combination of nature and nurture.
I thought I had been given a new chance, and truly believed that by having faith and believing in myself i could change, make things different, be different, was different, and could rise above my demons and transgressions.
In the end, I was lost in a new fantasy - ignoring my reality while simultaneously feeling rooted within it.
I want so badly to go back to the past and do things differently. To snap myself out of shit. To tell you I love you and cuddle up with you instead of sitting across the room with dead eyes because I’m afraid that you’d leave me again. To tell myself “hey fucker, only way that’ll happen is if you keep doing this shit.”
I hate this. I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate this disgusting feeling lurking within our conversation. I hate that it’s only felt like 20 minutes since you were here with me, but also feels like decades. I hate waiting for the nightmare to end, knowing it won’t. I hate that I don’t even deserve to hate it. I hate that I can only say these things to you, because you’re the only one who MIGHT possibly remotely understand. I hate that I can’t fucking decide whether or not I wish I could erase every single memory, or if if I wish they’d never fade away. I hate having hope. I hate that I just have to fucking sit here and wait until you get married until that fades away. I hate that it won’t fade even then. I hate that I can’t numb myself, no matter how hard I try. I hate how every fucking stupid little thing reminds me of us and shit we did. I hate that every time Kyle says “guess what”, I get sad. I hate that every time I’m at a restaurant or looking at a fucking menu, I’m ordering shit I’d get to fucking split with you and end up losing my goddamn appetite. I hate that I can’t fucking watch the new season of cobra Kai, much less even open Netflix and risk seeing the cover art. I hate that you need me gone to be happy or to feel free. I hate that I constantly checking my snap story when it’s up to see if you looked, just to know that you might still be thinking about me. I hate that you feel I was unreliable and you couldn’t count on me. I hate that I can’t eat truffle fries without crying. I hate that we didn’t talk shit out. I hate that we did this, that I did this. I hate that I didn’t up a fight. I hate that I got caught up on trivial bullshit like clothes. I hate that I didn’t move in with you years ago, and that I just kept up this bullshit lie that I never would want to. I hate that we stopped having sex. I hate that I tried to test you by making up bullshit to scare you away, because I was too dumb to deal with my abandonment shit in an honest way. I hate that I would convince myself that you didn’t actually love me, and that you’d say it for some other ridiculous purpose. Because clearly there is no fucking functional good reason for you to stick it out with someone like me for that long if it were anything else. I hate that I never pushed harder to taken a psychedelic with you (maybe a dumb one, but I was never honest about how much that would’ve meant to me). I hate that I avoided your friends, thinking that past actions would forever ruin it when in reality what ruined it was me avoiding them. I hate that I never did a paint and sip with you. I hate that I never went to the Croton Dam with you. I hate that I forced us to stop Christmas and Valentine’s Day shit after our first one.
I hate that I didn’t start every morning telling you good morning and that I love you. I hate that I failed to make you feel special, and the only girl in the world. (I hate that even now, I refuse to believe I could even do so).
I took shit for granted. Not in the, “oh fuck her feelings I could do whatever the fuck i want to” kind of way. I just really did think we would always find our way. I thought we built something that had a lot more patience, and despite still needing work I thought that if push came to shove we could rise above noise in communication. I thought that I had overcome my emotional barriers, not fully but enough to know how to not ruin everything. I feel crazy now. I feel like I crafted myself into a horrible boyfriend story born out of a horrible person story.
I keep reading article after article on how to do the fucking break up right so that you get all the healing and space and time and whatever else you need. How to stop myself from calling you, texting you, doing some big hopeless grand gesture. Trying to find new Ways to distract myself that aren’t immature ploys for attention, or reckless misuse of my body/substances.
This is a new one - sharing this here.....its quite ironic really, after archiving all of your blog posts.
We talked tonight, for the first time in weeks for more than one-word exchanges. About exchanging a few remaining items. I just told you goodnight a few minutes ago, instead of saying this ... after typing all of the above for that past hour. I could feel the difference, even through text. It reminds me of the way you'd talk to me back before we started things up again, distant, reserved, careful. But something makes it different this time, like you're speaking to a ghost - and I feel like one.
After years of feeling it too late to fix the past, it now feels almost entirely certain that it is indeed too late to fix or forget.
Wishing you the best is so much harder - knowing full well I can give you it, but failed nonetheless.
I love you, always.
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2022.01.26 01:44 deficoingecko Indonesia's Regulator Prohibits Financial Firms From Facilitating Crypto Trading – Regulation Bitcoin News

Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) has prohibited financial firms from using, marketing, and/or facilitating crypto trading. The financial regulator also cautioned the public to always beware of fraudulent Ponzi schemes under the guise of crypto.
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