Me finding electro swing as a whole ass subgenre and immediate reaction

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2022.01.26 01:21 BiSwesterMasterpiece Me finding electro swing as a whole ass subgenre and immediate reaction

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2022.01.26 01:21 unnamed887 E-scooter simulations highlight head injury risk to riders from falls

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2022.01.26 01:21 bumble_brutus_ Book vs Movie

So Dune 2021 is, in my opinion, one of the best movies of all time. I love how modern movies are really leaning into the capacity for amazing visuals nowadays. I haven't read the book and I won't until the second film comes out- but I was wondering what your guys opinions are in terms of the book vs the film- is the plot very different? And what do you guys prefer?
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2022.01.26 01:21 FrodoBaguns [Story] My bad experience with online buying (or) Why you should think twice about buying a luxury watch from Tata Cliq Luxury

A heads up. This is going to be a long one, because well, the story is a long one.
First a bit of introduction and context.
Watch prices in India are atrocious. Not your regular 'AD jacking up the sticker' atrocious, but greedy government duties and luxury levies breaking the back of a donkey atrocious.
So as a watch enthusiast, you're most likely overpaying for your purchase every time. Snagging a dream watch for retail is pretty much....well, a dream.
The last few months I've been eyeing an Oris Aquis GMT. Specifically one in the blue rubber strap.
Thanks for the lovely people of watches in helping me narrow down the choices.
So like any diligent shopper I begin searching online and comparing prices.
AD's in the country
Luxury ADs in India are few. No more than a dozen or so well established names with several stores in big cities. And the most famous of them is Ethos.
Ethos carry pretty much all famous luxury brands in their stores. They're knowledgeable, connected, trustworthy and like any other AD, expensive. Ethos sell through their stores, through their own website and also through other ecommerce retailers. The last one was new to me and is also important to the story.
Enter Tata Cliq Luxury
For those who are unaware, the Tata name is widely respected as one of the oldest and most prestigious business houses in the country. An ecommerce website carrying their name that retails other luxury brand products across several other categories certainly does feel legit.
And to my pleasant surprise they have the Oris I was looking for. And at retail!
I check the seller's name on the listing and it says Ethos.
Enter the rep
Rather than buy right away, I decide to get a feel of the situation and request a callback. I type in a note explaining my choice of the watch along with my contact details.
And the next day I get a call from a rep. The guy sounds friendly and asks me about what I have in mind. I mention about my first choice of the Oris, my second choice of a Rado Captain Cook and go into talks about movements, bezel materials, casebacks etc. by which he understands that I am decently knowledgeable about watches. He recommends the Captain Cook instead of the Aquis (due to the former being a tad expensive), but I stand firm on the Aquis.
I ask him questions about boxes, papers and packaging and he ensures me that everything is mint, and factory guaranteed. I ask him about how they can offer the watches at retail prices and he references Tata Cliq's direct connections to the watch brand warehouses and how they dont have to deal with store overheads.
I respond that I will make the purchase in the coming week after I visit the AD to try both the watches on and make a decision.
Confusion at the AD
I head to my closest Ethos boutique to try the watches in person. When I get there, the store rep is happy to show me the Captain Cook, but does not have any Aquis GMT in stock. He does have a normal, non GMT Aquis and asks me to try it on my size.
Its a beautiful fit. The Captain Cook dazzled under the boutique lights, but the Aquis still held my fancy. So I'd made up my mind.
Meanwhile, the store rep is trying to find me an Aquis GMT anywhere in the country. His internal database shows that there is only one that is available in the entire country and is in a non-sellable condition. The store brand manager further confirms it and says that the next shipment is not due until the end of February.
Things go sus
I'm now more skeptical that ever. Things don't add up. How can an online retailer source a watch that is unavailable even to the AD?
I give the Tata Cliq rep a call and tell him I've made a decision. But probe him how he is going to source the watch in the first place. He's now confused and asks for some time to double check the availability.
I get a callback the next day. The rep says there is one last piece available and he's kept it aside for me. All I need to do is place my order and the watch will be dispatched immediately.
I double check if it is the unsellable watch and the rep assures me that he has one last piece is perfect working condition.
Things go tits up
I get my card ready and login to the Tat Cliq website. I find the watch and add it to my cart. I go back a screen to double check my address and come back to my cart.
And see a completely different watch in my cart.
Confused, I remove the watch from the cart, go back to the website to add the GMT again.
The GMT is no longer listed.
My cart has a '1' icon on it, indicating there's still a watch in it. I click on it, and it's empty.
The GMT has vanished. From the store and my cart.
I text the rep on WhatsApp asking him what the hell is going on. He texts me back saying there is a technical issue and he has the team looking into it. He promises to get it fixed in the next few minutes.
I tell him that I would like to have the watch no later than Friday the same week and he assures me that it is possible. It is now Monday evening and I don't hear back for the rest of the day.
The next day I get a callback saying the issue is fixed. I need to order the watch immediately if I want it by this week. I login and surprise, surprise, same issue. I can't find the watch anywhere. I check on the mobile app and same issue.
I let the rep know and he takes a few more hours to fix it again.
After a few hours I'm asked to try again. This time through an incognito browser and I finally find the watch. Add it to the cart, enter my card details and pay.
Success! The order is placed. I screenshot the page and forward it to the rep via WhatsApp. He confirms the order and says he will arrange the dispatch immediately. I ask him to notify me once the watch is shipped along with a tracking number. He assures me that he would.
Wednesday arrives and still no shipping update. I text the rep again and he assures me that the watch will be shipped today. And I would have the watch in 3 - 5 days. He says he would update for sure by today.
Later in the day I get an update. The watch was double ordered and since the order was placed by two different buyers the warehouse is trying to figure out which order to prioritize. The rep assures me he will sort it out and the watch will be shipped on Thursday. I tell him my patience is wearing out and if there are any more delays, I will cancel the order and demand a refund immediately. He is understanding and reassures me.
Thursday comes and still no news. I call the rep and he doesn't pick up. I text him and no response. I'm on a train heading back to my home city and decide I will tackle this the next day.
It's Friday and still no news. Friday evening I give Tata Cliq a call directly and speak to their support team. And what they say pisses me off.
The status on their internal database shows the order was rejected by the seller. The reason being they had only one piece and that was in a non sellable condition. I unload onto them about how their rep has been stringing me along for the entire week and ask why they would retail an unsellable watch in the first place. Not to mention the numerous technical gremlins I had to go through to place a simple order. The support rep is apologetic and requests me to cancel the order right away so that a refund can be initiated immediately.
I cancel the order right then and there through the mobile app and get an automated confirmation about the same. Its anywhere between 5 to 7 working days for the money to find my way back into the account.
Saturday morning, and the rep calls me back. He's apologetic and stats explaining why the watch wasn't available. And by this point, I just don't care. I tell him I've already cancelled the order and just want my money back.
He assures me he can get another Oris for me or better yet, a Captain Cook at a special price. But I'm done with Tata Cliq. I just don't want to buy from these guys anymore even if they offered the lowest prices in the world.
Is there a lesson in all this?
Kind of. Just because a purchase is tied to a trusted name, it doesn't mean you will have a smooth customer experience.
ADs will bleed your wallet, but in the end they're the ones you can turn to in a pinch. Negotiate hard and if you can get it down to retail prices you're golden.
Will I still buy online? Maybe. But from a different retailer in a different country. If the price is right.
Big ecommerce brand has Oris Aquis GMT at retail prices. Takes two days to complete a simple purchase. Sales rep assures me that a watch is available even though it isn't. I get frustrated when the site rejects the order due to unavailability. Angrily cancel my order and vow never to shop with them again.
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2022.01.26 01:21 ScottDark Recommend me a CPU cooler to replace H115i for 8700k 1151

I'm in Canada and using

So far I'm considering
Recommend me based on my location and my preferences with consideration on what my motherboard supports
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2022.01.26 01:21 huilare Idk if I'm being overdramatic

I have this friend(let's call her nina) who wants to go back to my friend group but I'm not okay with this. My other friends in my friend group aren't rlly okay with this but this one friend(let's call him charles) insists that I let go of the past but I cant help but be afraid that problems will start happening because of her again, he feels bad for her but it is ninas fault she can't keep any relationships, I'm not sure if I'm being overdramatic he told me that I am a really apathetic person but I can't empathize with her if she got herself into this situation of having no friends, here are the list of things she has done:
=throughout middle school and I the middle of highschool she has told people my secrets or personal information or false things about me, ofc ppl tell me when they hear this and I go up and confront her (even with the person) and she says "I have no idea what ur talking about" or she says sorry and desperately seeks my approval and she does it again and again
= she lied so much even for small things that her stories would be inconsistent and it's just distasteful to have a friend like that
=even during the middle of highschool where I barely interacted with her one on one she and distanced myself away from her she still does things behind my back
=she recorded me and my friend talking about a personal experiences without us knowing and sent it to a group chat and demanded an apology from us even what we said wasn't wrong and we didn't say anything unnecessary and rude we simply just told the story and how we felt
=she ditched my friend numerous times for her exboyfriend and talked shit about her that led him to disrespect my friend and it was rlly unfair
=she not with friends with one of her best guy friends anymore because she used his secrets (that only she knows) to tell her boyfriend since her boyfriend doesn't like him this happened a month ago
Charles said she could b given a second chance but I told him if she's gonna be given a second chance it should b given to her by me and my other friends not by him. She had an easy choice to be our friend but she destroyed it on her own. She hasn't changed according to what she did to her best friend a month ago. I rlly don't want to deal with drama again but I can't help think I'm being overdramatic about this.
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2022.01.26 01:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - New Mexico Democrat tests positive for COVID-19 breakthrough case | The Hill

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2022.01.26 01:21 Xander_77 I did pixel art for my video game and this is it supposed to be a poster of a obvious reference 😏

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2022.01.26 01:21 WallalhiBro Upstate wars in 15'

If you was up top back then in like year 13 or 12, 15, you know how crazy that jawn used to be, rs niggas was getting stabbed, guards was getting killed nurses got grabbed an shit especially wen it was a riot, I remember bul was mixing my celly an slept em, I was bitchin cuz I didn't know if I had to help my celly so I watched them straight kill bul. Nigga then gon grab me an start rubbing oil on my cheeks like a freak, I told em chill so he let me slide for dat day I was bitchin, next day dis nigga ripped my jumper off an started busting me shit I felt like my girl for a minute I took it like a real ass nigga tho I'm home so nun day shit count
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2022.01.26 01:21 OkFaithlessness6715 Best RO system, looking for opinions

Hello, I currently own a culligan aquacleer advanced RO system. It seems like culligan is not legit bottom line. Any other alternative RO systems for some shit ass water?
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2022.01.26 01:21 pandoracam Remember when SEC Chicago was a reliable source?

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2022.01.26 01:21 hockeygirl1171 Parking lot snow removal - windrows.

I live in a townhouse complex that has outdoor parking. Whenever they do parking lot maintenance, we all have to park on the side streets. They are going to be clearing the parking lot of the ice and snow soon but due to residential snow removal/grading, there are windrows everywhere and basically no where for all us residents to move our cars. Is it illegal to park.. next to the windrows? I tried googling and couldn't find a straight answer.
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2022.01.26 01:21 mrsfarroque Horgitoken token

Horgitoken token project with amazing team and with professional community and the project developed by a most educated developer and most talented developer. This company should become successful. #horgi #crypto #token #bsc
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2022.01.26 01:21 SamOfEclia Observation, Parsemy, Parts, Probability was where I started in sense of making ideas, matching them to reality, what I used and how I changed things, I then connected things within their categories of study, but its not what I now use after years of progress because those ideas are so broad topics.

As this eventually let me accumulate to other methods of the primary base formations used that had more options and were more powerful from how I could easily define things and I studied the universal parts of matter to divide those parts into whichever defineable meaning I wanted.
But I got very good at defining initially as I tried finding my way from just observing parts around me to actually using them somehow in more effective ways, but I did so with parts and probability studying the nature of how to cause things to occure, but the methodologies that updated over several years while I suggested only the beginning bases that gave you the most range of free creativity as the absolute basis that let you define and match the idea of anything that provided such an initial point of offshooting that you could take it to any meaning.
But my meanings built up more then that in similar ranges over time based on what I defined that were upgrades less frequently discussed, because below is what I now use to define and matchuse matter.
Immaculate.Operation.Gibberish interpret new. Shape meaning interact shaping.All meaning can go into any category.Seperation division shaping of matter patterning. Point area meaning interaction detailing and scale. Meaning visual appearence in the behind of mind. Conscious Subconscious Unconscious accuracy mean scaling. Formation connection each occasion autoimproving progression. Icon draw shape language nots as language for memory language letter storage limitation overcoming of maximum sounds people can make inhibiting all defineability except if described in some other value used that can be anything but must mean the processed observation or memetic form geometry. Search want curiousity ask question find best defineable approach of likeness imagination dream back tracing approach per succession one degree reach improvement by self criticism of pro con what missing as what is added and found searched in matter as said exacts sense mean regressing from not language speak limited requiring language defining for fit shaping mean imagining reconstruction effort slowburn.
Modelling matter:
Test. Recognized observation of defined. Shapememe narrowing points of view matter types. Match defined visual. Pointed part find use as is exact thing recognized somehow accidentally. Hypothetical improvement position localization. Autoimproving habituation perception training of continual use practicality that actually improves pattern recognition of anything in perceptual physicality. Unperceived portions defined mapped as patterns imagined visually that when used somehow irrelevant match to result of test actually successful by forcibly finding something that does fit it with result being the actual accuracy success of that point defined unperceived interacted with from the percieved as a noted change of defined with defined matter changed for define matter result any possible, that does match one degree of the unseen pattern but only one slightest part degree of accuracy by probability of odds of accuracy mapping as improving scaling of part defined relevancy. Tence defined points of part of actually seen parts of reality as experiencial descriptions of awaress as specific part effects of it in division where any perception is defined as its exact value of position and anything can be defined anyway whatsoever permitting specific slice manipulation study from all points in percieved and unpercieved. Actural reconstruct imagining background side geometry extensions that don't have visibility by describing a way the geometry could have formed from whats unseen reconstructed with same actual physicality physically, perceptual reconstruct moddelling exceeded pressure defining of outside of perceived perception functionality itself as acturals such that it goes past percepts themselves into actual reality unpercieved from the explanation explaining of unseen outercode multidimensionality. Technicality of meaning forms being actual form and physicality of unseen percieved actuality in awareness existing in a physical space consequence on itself and the rest unseen as parts of matter limited in range of visual expansion existation of its equal visualizeable alterability for a define limited factor, imaginary computer causal actual setting define based alteration interfacial omrespc point pattern search attraction find observation cause additionals of positional interacting at from any scale at define use figure out find as need breakdown from vague to likeness actualization by find fit match result shattering of definition contextualization extension specification of first definition where like switch name to closest fitting actuality so car of the book would become the rolling driveable part of the book by car defined itself as what is same in regards to this, by fitting meanings to case sensitives of part precision pattern part specification. Technicality of knowing patternless physicality is consequentially still a relevant point of both missing existing in missing as a void that is itselfs shape and the fact that the blank value can be modelled with existing meanings meaning the word car can also mean something else in a hyperspecificalization distinctioning of where stack what as with that changes a prescise foil to another foil that are both a reflective falsity, but one is a metalic polygon and the other is an action.
All I did was just connect more meanings together in ranges I was interested in and what I thought about.
But I used these different meanings in different arrangements based off of memory recollection scale groupings of varrying time chaos cloud collisioning of whatever is in mind at be plus subconsious conscious recollection cycling long passing record checking reminder forget or recovery have or loose, with recent additions of auto chance effected mind reacquiring from stored anywhere of handwritten or thought once before meaning of self timerecord reconverge as want needed make best of improving connection combining continuity.
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2022.01.26 01:21 Call_Mindless I got hash never tried it what’s it like lol

I’m keen to try it but what’s the effects like
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2022.01.26 01:21 ShortAlgo $PLCE Awaiting Short Signal Register for 7-Day Trial Access at

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2022.01.26 01:21 Tsuikyit_The_VIP I like being chained to my bed

Because I hate it when my mom wakes me up and tells me it’s time for college
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